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San Remo 100—Pathway for Peace


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While Covid-19 appears to have radically changed our world as we know it, this is still very minor in comparison with the world following World War One. Following the end of the Ottoman Empire, a huge section of the Middle East hung in limbo. Hundreds of years of Empire and the scars of war left a vacuum of order and structure. Discussions, meetings and then conferences were held as the battle-weary but victorious Allies attempted to work out a plan for the area.

A group representing Allies of WW1- in particular Britain, France, Italy, Japan and some observers – met in San Remo, Italy, to determine the future of three key areas. The ‘San Remo Conference’ set about allocating the League of Nations Mandates for ‘Palestine’, ‘Syria’ and ‘Mesopotamia’, passing the ‘San Remo Resolution’ on 25 April 1920.

In 2020, the centenary of the San Remo Resolution, we are all aware of the unrest in parts of the Middle East. The area that was the subject of San Remo has been an almost constant source of unrest. Why is this? Did the Allies get it wrong? Did anyone even follow the plan?

Throughout 2020, we aim to bring you several publications focusing on the significance of San Remo. ‘Pathway for Peace’ is a commemorative magazine being produced to mark the centenary of San Remo. This glossy publication features a collection of articles and reflections by a range of writers – historical, legal and religious.

Product: 44-page booklet


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