Support Israel

Emergency Situation in Israel

Israel has been brutally attacked. As Christians for Israel, we want to provide help wherever it is needed. That is why we initiated an emergency campaign for Israel. Will you help? Any amount is welcome.

Support our Ministry

Christians for Israel’s (C4I) aim is to bring Biblical understanding to the Church and among the nations concerning God’s purposes for Israel. Please support Christians for Israel New Zealand by donating towards ministry costs, print and postage. Any amount is welcome.

Thinc. (Countering anti-Israel ‘lawfare’)

Your Guide to Israel and International Law is a major weapon used by Israel’s adversaries, often exploited to delegitimise the State of Israel. Please support thinc. and the vital work they do. Any amount is welcome.

Speak Up (funding for speakers)

We are working to bring speakers to New Zealand and the South Pacific in a concentrated effort to bring the truth of Israel to as many people as possible. If you share our desire to bring this message even more effectively, you might consider contributing to this project. Any amount is welcome.

Aliyah – Bring the Jews Home

We assist with the return (Aliyah) of the Jewish people to Israel. You can help us in this exciting fulfilment of Biblical prophecy by assisting with the costs of transportation and visa assistance. Any amount is welcome!

First Home in the Homeland

First Home in the Homeland provides young families with a warm home on a kibbutz for their first six or twelve months in Israel. There, they learn Hebrew, enabling them to find employment. The cost to assist a family for one month in the First Home in the Homeland programme is $765.

Food Parcels in Ukraine

A food parcel means far more than a bag filled with edible articles. It is a sign of friendship that demonstrates your support for our Jewish brothers and sisters and shows them that they are not alone. Each food parcel costs $26 and is packed by volunteers and distributed throughout Ukraine by our Christians for Israel Ukraine team.

Children at Risk – Jaffa Institute

The Jaffa Institute, led by Rabbi David Portowicz, helps to feed and educate underprivileged Israeli children. Like no other, he knows what Jewish and Arab children from the slums need most. The very first things are love, attention and the necessary knowledge to build their own future. Please support Children at Risk – Jaffa Institute. Any amount is welcome.

Hineni Soup Kitchen

Christians for Israel want to help the poor of Israel by providing them with food. We do this in partnership with the Hineni Center in Jerusalem, headed by Benjamin Philip. Please support the Hineni Soup Kitchen; your donation goes directly to the purchase of food.

Holocaust Survivors

The Second World War ended many years ago, but for most survivors, the Holocaust (Shoah) never ended. The deep trauma that survivors struggle with on a daily basis is amazingly deep. Many of their relatives were murdered during the war. Many survivors have come to age, increasing the demand for practical assistance. Please assist Holocaust Survivors. Any amount is welcome.

Christian Friends of Israeli Communities (CFOIC)

Through our partner, CFOIC, we help build communities, feed the poor, contribute to medical help, and invest in the future of youth who need assistance staying on the right track in Israel’s heartland. Please assist CFOIC. Any amount is welcome.

Arab Christians

Life for Christians in Bethlehem is often not easy. There is a high rate of unemployment and poverty among Arab Christians. Christians for Israel support the First Baptist in Bethlehem and Jerusalem. The members of this church spread the gospel among Arabs and share their love and heart for Israel and the Jewish people. Please assist Arab Christians. Any amount is welcome.

For Zion’s Sake

For Zion’s Sake is dedicated to assisting the needs of newly arriving immigrants by assisting those in need both spiritually and physically by providing humanitarian aid through their warehouse distribution of furniture, medicine, food coupons, and clothing. Please assist For Zion’s Sake. Any amount is welcome.

Israel Alzheimer’s Centre

The Israel Alzheimer’s Medical Center specialises exclusively in providing services to over 200 inpatients with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases. They also treat hundreds of patients and their families on an outpatient basis through services such as consulting, diagnosis, and support. Please assist Israel Alzheimer’s Centre. Any amount is welcome.