Speak Up (funding for speakers)

Christians for Israel New Zealand is continuously working with our colleagues and sister organisations to bring a number of speakers to New Zealand and the South Pacific over the next year or so. These range from retired Israeli military staff to legal experts (i.e. thinc.), a Jewish Rabbi to an Arab Palestinian pastor, all in a concentrated effort to bring the truth of Israel to as many people as possible, in the most authoritative and effective way possible. We know that the most powerful motivation for us in the southern hemisphere is to actually visit the Holy Land for ourselves but for those who aren’t yet able to come to Israel, hearing from those who speak from their own personal experience and expertise is the next most effective tool.

If you share our desire to bring this message even more effectively, you might consider contributing to this project. We will bring you more detail on these exciting developments as plans are finalised, and keep you posted on where you can hear these presentations.