About C4I

Our Team

Bryce Turner – National Director (NZ)

Bryce joined Christians for Israel in April 2017 as Executive National Director, following the retirement of Graeme and Lauris Lee.

With a background in both pastoral work and electrical engineering, interests ranging from scuba diving to sailing to flying, and being a keen musician, he hopes to bring some new flavours to the job – and he’s already fixed the lights in the office!

Bryce has been connected with EDG Ltd and Christians for Israel for many years and escorted our New Zealand members on the Tour to Israel in 2015 and 2017. Bryce brings a variety of experience to the role, as well as the support of his wife Eleanor and three sons Joshua (14), Reuben (16) and Sam (19).

Cathy Eksteen – Office Manager

Whenever you ring the office in Auckland you will meet Cathy and be charmed by her personality, knowledge and outstanding communication skills.

Cathy is a highly qualified, multi gifted person. Her past careers include Office Management, Sales, Marketing and Real Estate. She is blessed with a great sense of humour and relates easily to people of all ages and is a person of the highest integrity.

Cathy lives in Auckland (ex South Africa) with husband Johan. They have two beautiful children, Brian 15 years old and Shayna 13 years old.

Cathy Coldicutt – Managing Editor

Cathy is the Managing Editor of Israel & Christians Today newspaper, both international and national, and is part of the Editorial Team. It is Cathy’s role to coordinate and collate the articles, then design the newspaper in keeping with the Christians for Israel International guidelines.

Cathy also manages the ReflectioNZ newsletter, ensuring the content is current and relevant to our New Zealand readers. Cathy also manages our website, www.c4israel.org.nz ensuring global Christians for Israel news is updated weekly.

She is blessed with a great sense of humour and relates easily to people of all ages and is a person of the highest integrity. Cathy and her fiance, Colin live in Auckland with their beautiful 13-year-old daughter, Jade.

Robert Siakimotu – South Pacific Development Manager

Robert (Niuean) is married to Laisa (Fijian), and have three children, Deane, Ritchie and Joanna. Their eldest daughter Jaimie, passed away in 1988 from leukaemia at 7 years old.

Robert has worked in Christian ministries for 40 years; 38 of these years with OAC Ministries NZ/International. His roles include teaching seminars, training, preaching, running children’s outreaches, speaking at camps and conferences, and ministering in Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Niue, Cook Islands and Vanuatu. He also works very closely with Mission Africa, Eurasia and Caribbean Projects, and teaches in the School of Evangelism in Africa, Caribbean and South East Asia/Pacific.

Former Christians for Israel NZ director, Graeme Lee invited Robert to develop the Christians for Israel movement in the South Pacific. He works part time with the Christians for Israel NZ board and is helping affiliates in Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, Cook Islands and Niue, to establish Christians for Israel in their countries.

Graham Simpson – Board Chairman and Legal Advisor

Graham is Christian For Israel’s board chairman and legal adviser. He is also board chairman of Church Army NZ,  and board member of Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship, Inspirational Media and Christian Lovelink.

With Bryce Turner, Graham escorted our NZ members on our 2015 and 2017 tours to Israel. Graham is a lawyer in private practice in Mt Eden. He attends St Margaret’s Anglican Church, Hillsborough, a thriving evangelical church where has various roles. As a guitarist and vocalist, Graham and his wife Sandy, who have been married for 45 years, are regular members of the church music team and lead music at various ministries.
Graham and Sandy have 4 children and 6 grandchildren with whom they keep strong close relationships. Graham and Sandy have been HIT (Hosting Israeli Travellers) for 7 years. 400 Israelis (mostly young) have stayed at their home to date. Graham finds support by attending a mid week life group at his church and a Friday morning men’s group as well as a weekly workout at the gym. He is a regular blood donor, having donated 136 times so far.

Denis Smith – Treasurer

Before retiring as a Westpac Senior Manager in Auckland, Denis and his wife Pam, lived in Christchurch and Wellington, as well as Oamaru, where their two children were born. They also now have three lovely grandchildren.
Denis was a sickly child (later finding out it was due to chemical poisoning and probably contributed to his cancer), he needed to rely on God when he could not cope. He attended Sunday School and different denominations. In Forrest Hill, they participated at the local Presbyterian church with expository preaching, and began to grow as Christians. Denis is still an elder and Convenor of the Missions committee.
He was introduced to OAC Ministries and later found himself as National Chairman. In 2001 he met Graeme Lee which meant terrific evangelical outreaches with Greg Laurie.
In 2002 he was diagnosed with aggressive and advanced prostate cancer. Wonderfully the Lord healed him, although he still gets closely monitored. Having a personal relationship with Jesus is the highlight and strength of Denis’ life.
When Christians for Israel New Zealand was established, Graeme Lee asked him to be Treasurer, a role he readily accepted.