Israel Alzheimer’s Centre

The Sophie & Abram Stuchynski Israeli Alzheimer’s Medical Center opened in 2001 as a nonprofit organisation. The Israel Alzheimer’s Medical Center is the only one of its kind in Israel that specialises exclusively in providing services to people with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases. 

There are currently around 200 inpatients living in five wards, and every year they also treat hundreds of patients and their families on an outpatient basis through services such as consulting, diagnosis, and support. The centre also trains professionals and engages in collaborative research with renowned academic institutions. The Alzheimer’s Medical Center offers other services for patients who live within the community such as a 24/7 call centre, a daycare centre and special home services to elderly.

There are approximately 180 people employed at the centre, including a multi-disciplinary team that specialises in Geriatrics. The treatment plans at the centre combine all the elements that can help the patients according to their condition, and the various therapeutic frameworks – in the medical, nursing, occupational, and social disciplines – provide a comprehensive treatment solution to the residents and provide them and their families with the quality of life.

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