About C4I

Christians for Israel (C4I) is a non-denominational movement. We believe that God is still faithful to all His covenants with, and promises to the nation of Israel.

We believe that all Christians should be united in their love for the Jewish people, in their support for the nation of Israel and in their collective repentance because of Jewish suffering throughout Church history.

Since its establishment in the Netherlands in 1979, C4I has developed into a growing global movement of local C4I operations with over 150,000 supporters from all Christian denominations.


pic1 - Bringing Biblical understandingWe believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, through which He reveals His loving purposes for all creation. God chose the nation of Israel as His instrument for the blessing of all the nations. The Bible teaches us that the Church has not replaced Israel. God’s covenants with the nation of Israel are everlasting


pic1 - ComfortingWe support Aliyah (immigration to Israel) from many countries in the world, including Former Soviet Union, India, Ethiopia and France. In the past 20 years, C4I has helped 130,000 people build a future in Israel.


pic1 - SupportingWe comfort the people of Israel from all populations in Israeli society: Jews, Druze, Christians and Arabs. We do this by feeding the poor, helping Holocaust survivors, educating children, supporting Jewish communities in Judea & Samaria, and supporting and encouraging Arab Christians in Israel.


pic1 - PrayingWe help and encourage Christians to pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem, by sending prayer letters and organizing prayer meetings.


pic1 - Organizing toursChristians for Israel brings numerous groups to Israel and wants people to experience the true heart of Israel, by meeting the Israeli people as well as visiting interesting sites. Through our tours we want to encourage the people of Israel.


pic1 - Fighting anti-SemitismChristians for Israel supports the State of Israel and the Jewish people, by opposing disinformation, anti-Zionism and anti- Semitism, and fighting the boycott of Israeli products. We do this by providing accurate information regarding Biblical, legal and historical issues to Christian leaders and media channels.


History Christians for Israel
Christians for Israel was established in 1979 in Holland and Jerusalem under the inspired leadership of the Dutchmen Karel van Oordt and Pee Koelewijn. Since then, Christians for Israel (C4I) has developed into a global movement of local C4I operations. Christians for Israel has bonds with many people and institutions in Israel and we are blessed by a growing network of contacts and activities on all five continents.