On (approximately) the 2nd of April, a small, intrepid group of New Zealanders will join some of our Australian cousins on our ANZAC Solidarity Tour. We will be on our ‘tour’ for around 9 days, and are planning to make a real impact.

We will visit a few sites of significance – that’s important. However the list is very different to our normal study tours. We will – obviously as long as it is safe to do so – be visiting Kibbutz Be’eri, and will spend some time visiting the site of the Nova Party, among others. We will be doing some volunteer work, and we will be unashamedly standing in solidarity with our Israeli brothers and sisters as we serve.

A number of us are planning to then stay on after the formal ‘tour’, and after the experience of November I am hoping to to spend all of April in Israel, doing what I can. I will be interviewing, filming, visiting – including some ‘diplomatic’ visits – and most likely either using my tools/trade, or even mopping floors.

If you would like to contribute to this humanitarian mission to Israel, we would greatly appreciate your help.

As well as keeping my home afloat while I am away, I personally need to find fares, somewhere to sleep (we’re working on some options as cheap as possible) and probably eat and drink from time to time too. As a part of the ANZAC Solidarity Tour there will be many opportunities to bless, to meet urgent needs. But following the tour while doing volunteer work, there will be huge needs, huge gaps to fill.

I am hoping once again to be able to take resources to be a blessing to Israelis in need, and are working through that with our people in Israel. We are also happy to convey hugs and messages of support!

I thank you for taking the time to read about this expedition, and for considering supporting us. There are many great causes to support in the world at the moment, many tragedies and people in pain.

Thank you for considering this one.