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editor - 28 May 2021

Every week a portion of the Torah is read in the synagogue. This portion is called parasha. This way, the entire Torah is read in one year. Every Saturday/Sabbath in this prayer calendar includes a part of the parasha that is read in synagogue on that Sabbath. This is a way for us as Christians to experience our solidarity with the Jewish people. It is also a prayer point in this calendar; that we as Jews and Christians may worship God in solidarity.

Another important area for prayer is Israel’s safety. In recent weeks, violence has escalated in Israel. What began with riots on the Temple Mount has, in a matter of days, degenerated into a violent conflict, with over 4,000 rockets fired from Gaza at civilian targets in Israel for over twelve days. Also from Lebanon (Hezbollah) rockets were fired. The situation forced entire cities into bomb shelters. Even after the announced ceasefire, Israel remains under pressure, and the people are on high alert. The violence is not over. Two people were stabbed to death during the Pentecost weekend in Jerusalem. Prayer for Israel is still as important as ever. How wonderful that we can pray for Israel together through this prayer calendar!

Many blessings,

Christians for Israel Prayer Team


Christians for Israel Prayer Team