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Over 250 Jews arrive in their new homeland: Israel!

editor - 22 July 2019

On July 17th, over 250 Jews arrived in Israel from France, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Russia. So far it is the largest group of olim (Jewish immigrants) that came to Israel this year. It is the start of a new ‘season’ of Jews exchanging their native country for their new homeland. The youngest to arrive was two months old, the oldest 79 years old.

Fleeing anti-Semitism

The seven immigrants from Venezuela fled a country disrupted by violence, a failing economy, lack of food and massive protests. The country’s previous president often used anti-Semitic language to criticise the country’s financial situation. This anti-Semitism convinced many Jews to leave, and the current crisis is only contributing to this.

Warm welcome

It was a warm welcome. Literally, because a heat wave plagued Tel Aviv. But also the enthusiasm of all present was heart-warming: Hundreds of family members were present to welcome the travellers. Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, Minister Yoav Galant of Aliyah and Integration, and Jewish Agency Chairman Isaac Herzog were present. And a few representatives of Christians for Israel were also there to welcome the new immigrants on your behalf. Watch the beautiful video impression above.


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