• - Oekraine Ukraine Bela Tzerkov area Katia (80) Vandaag is voor mij het bewijs dat er nog goede mensen zijn in de wereld. Ik heb ervoor gebeden, en jullie zijn het bewijs dat er goede mensen zijn Dank vanuit de grond van mijn hart, dat ze zorgen voor kreupelen zoals ik, ik wens ze veel gezondheid Ik heb 2 kinderen, soms komen ze helpen. Mijn zoon woont ver weg, mijn dochter in Bela Tserkov. Ik kan niet koken, ik ben half blind, en kan met mijn handen niks vasthouden krijgt voedselpakket van christenen voor Israel 26-01- 2017 foto: Jaco Klamer
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Poverty Amongst Jews in Ukraine

editor - 13 December 2018

“Your visit gives me proof that there are still good people out there”, says 82-year-old Katia, when she opens the door of her creaky house. This Jewish lady lives a lonely life in the vast countryside of Ukraine. “I prayed for your coming. Thank you for looking after me. I can’t cook because I am half blind and can’t lift anything. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Did you know that 300,000 Jewish people still live in Ukraine? Among them, the elderly and survivors of the Holocaust, but also families with young children.

Many Jews in Ukraine live in great poverty. The demand for food parcels is constantly growing, especially during the severe Ukrainian winter when we receive help requests from all over the country. With our limited resources we try to help as many people as possible.

‘For I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink.’ Matthew 25:35

In recent years much has changed in Ukraine, unfortunately in a negative way. There is the continuous threat of war in the east, causing many people to flee.

The country is in a deep economic crisis. There is not much work, while prices are rising and the value of the Grivna (Ukranian currency) dropped significantly. Life seems hopeless for a lot of people, especially in the countryside.

Our goal this year is to distribute more than 20,000 food parcels to poor Jewish people in Ukraine. During our visits, we always tell them about God’s faithfulness to His people and the promises in the Bible – Promises of hope and the return of the Jewish people to Israel.

Distribution of the food parcels. Photo: Jaco Klamer

Will you help? One food parcel costs € 10 or US $ 12. We buy the products for a good price because wholesalers know that we use the products for charity. Thank you in advance for your support on behalf of the Jewish community!

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We always tell the recipient about God’s faithfulness to His people Israel! Photo: Jaco Klamer

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