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Beautiful music video for Passover

editor - 9 April 2020

Under the coronavirus restrictions, musicians from the Netherlands and Israel home recorded the song ‘Vehi She’amda’. The text comes from the Jewish prayer book Hagadah, and is read on the first evening of Passover.

Translation song: “This is what kept our fathers and what keeps us surviving. For, not only one arose and tried to destroy us, rather in every generation they try to destroy us. But the Holy One saves us from their hands.”


Performed by:
Gilad Nezer
Marcel van der Poel
Ruben Romijn
Yishay Glick
Irene Sterrenburg-Baan
Henriete Luytjes

Video editing:
Alexander Blom

Musical arrangement and editing: Gilad Nezer

Copyright – Christenen voor Israel Netherlands – 2020


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