XII Theses on Israel – Introduction | Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer

editor - 9 April 2022

We are privileged to live in a time, in which we see how the people of Israel is restored into the land of the promise. That makes us grateful. But it also causes a feeling of urgency. God’s plan of salvation for His creation has entered a new, decisive stage. How do we relate to it? And how do we relate to Israel? How does the Church relate to Israel?

Many, feel the need and the urgency to speak more broadly about God’s salvation plan with His creation from within the Scriptures. A small group of people from different denominations and backgrounds, working within the framework of Christians for Israel, has come together to deeply think it over. In a sense, they did not represent anybody. It was their desire, however, to speak as members of the Body of Christ, in connection with the Church worldwide and through the ages. This resulted in twelve theses on the place of Israel in God’s salvation plan, in which God’s election of Israel to bless the nations is expounded.