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War in Ukraine has Devastating Effect on Jewish Communities

editor - 3 March 2022

 A week ago Ukraine looked quite different. The threat from Russia was present, but nobody foresaw that the situation would escalate so dramatically. The nightmare became reality, hundreds of thousands of inhabitants are on the run. In Ukraine conflicts and unrest often go together with a dramatic increase of antisemitism. Therefore we urge Christians to stand beside the Jewish community in Ukraine.

Jewish Ilja says goodbye to Anna. He goes into battle to defend Ukraine, she flees across the border | Photo: Christians for Israel

Christians for Israel’s coordinator in Ukraine Koen Carlier: “You donated generously to our emergency campaign for Ukraine. We are extremely grateful to you for that. A lot of help is needed. This week we were able to make € 500,000 available to the Jewish Agency. They take care of the evacuation of Jewish refugees from Ukraine via neighbouring countries to Israel. There are already ten thousand applications piled up from families who want to flee to Israel. A lot of money is needed to finance this. Additionally our Christians for Israel’s  team in Ukraine provides food and shelter to the Jewish refugees, and helps them to evacuate to the border. Refugees are evacuated on a daily basis. The circumstances are extremely difficult, but we will continue.”

Christians for Israel provides emergency aid to Jewish men, women and children in Ukraine: food, shelter and evacuation. This help is now needed more than ever

Making a difference
These Jewish refugees were evacuated from our shelter in Ukraine to the border of one of the neighbouring countries. Your support has changed their lives. Watch the touching video.

The Jewish communities in cities like Kyiv, Donetsk and Kharkiv are having a hard time because of the war. The air-raid alert continuously sounds, town centres are being bombed, super markets are closed and the access roads are largely closed. But also in other parts of Ukraine the situation is extremely unstable. Koen Carlier: “We are grateful that our team in Ukraine made as many preparations as possible in the past weeks, by delivering food supplies and by preparing shelters. Therefore we can really make a difference now with our emergency help.”

On the run again
Meet this family: Rita, her husband Valentin and their three daughters, Lisa (5), Eva (2,5) and Yana (1,5). In 2015 Rita fled from the war zone in Donetsk to the western part of Ukraine. It was a life-threatening situation they could barely escape. In Odessa she met Valentin, not much later they married. The family thought about emigrating to Israel, but had not decided yet. The present war has changed everything. Rita: “I never expected that I would have to flee again.” Now the family is leaving thanks to the help of Christians for Israel to the nearby border. From there they will be evacuated to Israel soon. Daughter Lisa (5) has a condition that prevents her from speaking. It was not until a year ago she can whisper a word every now and then. Our C4I field worker Nataliya: “It was so special when I met Lisa for the first time a few days ago, she ran towards me and called me “Babushka” (grandmother). I am so grateful that we were able to help this family.”

Rita, Valentin and their daughters Lisa, Eva and Yana | Photo: Christians for Israel

Our assistance is vital
For their daily needs many Jewish elderly depend on our food parcels. Our coordinator Koen Carlier works night and day with his dedicated team to help these people in all possible ways: emergency shelter for Jewish refugees, providing food to those people whose pantry is empty and evacuating people to Israel. The conditions in which they work are hard and not always safe. That is why your support and prayers are very important. The assistance must not stop: we must carry on.



Get involved with your congregation
Could you please ask your church to pray on Sunday for the emergency situation in Ukraine, and  to collect money for the Jewish communities in Ukraine? You can share the video with them.