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Fix: Microphone Not Working in Microsoft Teams

tech_bryce Turner - 7 October 2022

Fix: Microphone Not Working in Microsoft Teams

Using incorrect or outdated audio or headset drivers for your microphone is sure to cause issues – in fact, it probably won’t work at all. You can now try to re-install the microphone drivers on your system. This will get rid of any driver-based bugs and issues that you might be facing due to multiple driver files in the Windows driver store.

  • To use the device exclusively as a microphone, plug the pink jack into the port.
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  • Learn how to fix Zoom microphone problems in this guide.
  • We’ve included some general and advanced steps to fix the issue.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. If the screen is blank, you can then click the arrow icon next to the video camera icon and choose Same as System or a more specifically named webcam from the list. One of the most controllable things you can do to improve audio quality during a Zoom meeting is to check your proximity. Too close to the microphone can make your voice sound muffled and accentuate all sorts of unwanted breathing and saliva noises. If you sit too far away, you risk being drowned out. If you’re online Microphone test using a microphone built into your computer or webcam, you should position yourself within two feet of it.

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At the same time, test the microphone to determine which application is blocking it. We discuss how to uninstall software on Android devices in a separate article. One of the common problems that Android smartphone users face is not sending sound through their device’smicrophone.

On July 10, 2018, Microsoft revealed the Surface Go platform to the public. Later in the month it converted Microsoft Teams to gratis. In August 2018, Microsoft released two projects called Microsoft AccountGuard and Defending Democracy. It also unveiled Snapdragon 850 compatibility for Windows 10 on the ARM architecture. Your microphone might not be working due to incorrect drivers or outdated driver software. Drivers are known to provide software interface to hardware devices, or, in other words, they tell hardware how to run on certain operating system.

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First, unplug your microphone and then plug it back in. You should notice a sound to signify that Windows has recognized new hardware. If your microphone isn’t working on Windows 10, you’ll need to go through the troubleshooting steps below to fix it. There could be a number of reasons why your microphone isn’t picking up your voice and this guide will take you through each potential issue step by step. If you are unable to use your microphone even after applying all these methods then there are major chances that its a hardware related issue.

How to Fix Zoom Microphone Issues

Once you’re in the device settings, make sure the correct audio device is selected. As mentioned above, you will want to check your device settings. Note that they can only be accessed while IN the meeting, something that might be puzzling to Mac users. An outdated system may cause many problems in the hardware of your device. If you do not periodically update your system, your device may fail to communicate with its devices and drivers.


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