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“Love your neighbor as yourself”

editor - 29 May 2020

Shalom, yesterday we got an encouraging message from Tania, the deputy mayor of Karmiel, a big city in the Galilee (Israel). Ever since she came to Ukraine to give lectures about the return we have maintained a good relationship. She believes in the God of Israel with heart and soul and simply wants to be obedient to God’s word: to welcome the Jews from the Diaspora and to help them in a practical way with a dedicated staff.  She secretly hoped that many newcomers from Ukraine would settle in Karmiel!

For Shavuot we got a beautiful message that was sent to the inhabitants of Karmiel in Russian and Hebrew. The greeting was also send to us, the staff  of C4I in Ukraine.

Shavuot – the celebration of the giving of the Torah.
One day , thousands years ago Ten Commandments were given to us. But it takes a whole life to receive them. For each one of us as well as for all Jewish people as a nation.
“Love your neighbor as yourself”
Happy holiday!
Chag Sameach!


Love your neighbor as yourself: we try to put this into practice! The coming days we will pay special attention to Shavout when we deliver our Meals on Wheels. Recently we have added three new places where we now deliver meals!



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