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Thank you from Ukraine!

editor - 12 March 2018

At the beginning of February we sent an urgent appeal to make it possible to distribute 6,000 extra food parcels in Ukraine.

We are extremely grateful that so many of you responded to this appeal as friends of the Jewish people. We were able to get to work in full force with all of the dedicated coworkers in the Ukraine. You gave so generously that we will even be able to hand out extra food parcels and food. At the same time we see the anti-Semitism that is so deeply rooted in Ukrainian society growing again. This is very alarming.

Below is an update from Koen about the distribution of the food parcels.

May the Lord bless you.

In His shalom,

Andrew Tucker
Director Christians for Israel International


This old lady was already waiting for us

Besides the food parcel, our extra visit is like a beam of light for lonely Holocaust survivors.

Packing thousands of food parcels requires a lot of cooperation. Thankfully there is plenty of help!

On our way with a loaded truck; full now, but later it will be completely empty!

We work in harsh conditions: bad roads, heavy snow, and extreme cold


Update from Ukraine by Koen Carlier:

We were so happy to receive the good news that we can start to distribute extra food parcels. Thank you for your support and prayers. And perhaps we will meet during one of our working trips! Here is the plan for our food parcels distribution:

#1. Zaporozhe, Marioepol, Donetsk

This is the ‘infamous’ east of the country and still a war zone. According to the latest reports there are still more than 10,000 Jews in this part of the country, mostly elderly.

> 1200 food parcels

#2. Odessa

In this coastal city there are still many Jews, mainly survivors of the Holocaust.

> 1000 food parcels

#3. Kiev and surroundings

In Kiev we hand out 150 food parcels to Jewish refugees who have come here from the east. In the surrounding areas of Kiev we distribute another 500 food parcels to elderly and Holocaust Survivors.

#4. Mirgorod and Chernigov

In these cities we hand out a total of  150 food parcels, mainly to survivors of the Holocaust.

#5. Central Ukraine

In the small villages in the countryside of Ukraine many Jewish elderly people lead a very lonesome life. We will surprise them with an extra visit and two food parcels!

> 500 food parcels


After distributing these food parcels we will continue our distribution in the South-West and Western part of Ukraine.


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