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Rosh Hashana – New Life in a New Year

editor - 16 September 2020

Rosh Hashana is one of the key religious holidays for Israelis.

In the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, this Rosh Hashana will be totally different. Israel is going into quarantine for unlimited time. There will be no traditional big family celebrations, we will not be able to hug and kiss our beloved ones in person and we have to extend all our wishes via Zoom.

Our olim families have heard about Rosh Hashana before aliyah and were very excited to celebrate not only the beginning of the New Year, but also the beginning of their new life in Israel.

“We read something about this day before aliyah. But after a fascinating Zoom lecture of Professor Kaminsky, we learned a lot about it. In the evening we will go to the store and buy apples, honey and fish for a gala dinner. – the Panait family says, – Our dream to live in Israel has come true. Now it is the time for new dreams and big hopes”.

Lesson about Rosh Hashana via Zoom. “I’m so excited that I was honoured to be the one who could tell the olim about the roots of this page in Jewish History” – professor Kaminsky recalls | Photo: JAFI

“Our first New Year in Israel we wanted to celebrate with our friends and relatives, who live here and know all the traditions. Despite the quarantine we remain optimistic. It will not ruin our plans, but only postpone them” – the Yuhimenko family shared.

“We are happy that in these circumstances we will celebrate our first Rosh Hashana in Israel on the kibbutz, where we and our children were warmly welcomed as a family. The kibbutzniks became the first Israeli family for us. Yes, the quarantine canceled the kibbutz celebration we were waiting for. But this will not damp our joy from being here”, – the Sarozhynskiy family recalls.

On behalf of three Ukrainian olim families we want to thank once again Christians for Israel Ukraine for bringing them safely to Kiev airport during quarantine with all their luggage, i.e. 70 kg per person.

This year was challenging for everyone and we hope to start the year 5781, during which we can leave the pandemic and its difficulties behind us. On behalf of the families and of the First Home in the Homeland program we are grateful to you for standing with us, for your love for Israel and your support! Let’s pray that we will be able to meet in Israel in the new year!

On the photos bellow olim kids are preparing for the Rosh-Hashana.

Arsenii | Photo: JAFI

Anna and Ksenia | Photo: JAFI

Veronika | Photo: JAFI


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