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editor - 24 April 2018

Last year Ilana and Alexander left their home in Charkov Ukraine and went to Israel. The couple is married and they have a five-year-old son. 

During the ten years before they made Aliyah, Alexander ran a cafeteria for students at a local university in Charkov. After the outbreak of unrest in Eastern Ukraine, the economic situation in all of Ukraine worsened. Alexander’s business also began to suffer a decline because students stopped eating in his cafeteria because they could no longer afford it. At first, he made cuts where possible but ultimately, Alexander was forced to close his cafeteria.

In order to support his family, Alexander started to work as a taxi cab driver, sometimes working 12-15 hour days. The economic and security situation in Ukraine continued to worsen and Alexander and his wife decided to look into the possibility of making Aliyah. They heard about the Public Transpiration Drivers Course from a Jewish Agency emissary and Alexander immediately submitted an application.

New start
After a few months of interviews and logistical details, Alexander and his family made Aliyah in August 2017 to the Kiryat Yam Absorption Centre. Alexander and his wife Ilana recently completed their five month Hebrew language ulpan and their son is in kindergarten. Alexander is one the participants in the Public Transportation Drivers Course at the Kiryat Yam Absorption Centre. Ilana, who was a teacher in Ukraine, hopes to find work as an English teacher in Israel or another profession in the field of education and working with children.

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Below are photos of the graduation ceremony for busdrivers which took place on the 15th of April. These graduates now have the opportunity to make a contribution to Israeli society and help build up the land.


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