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First Home: sweet greetings to the new classmates!

editor - 27 February 2019

Shalom dear Friends,

In the kibbutzim of the Jordan Valley, near the Sea of Galilee children make preparations for the arrival of their new friends! In the kibbutzim Afikim, Hukuk and Ashdot Yakov preparations are underway – most of the new families are coming already next week!

The most important and, at the same time, most fragile part of the family during the aliyah are the children. First Home in the Homeland tries to make the “landing” of the children in the Holy Land as soft as possible.

In February 2019, five schoolchildren from Uruguay, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus will arrive to Jourdan Valley to the Kibbutzim Hukuk, Ashdot Yakov and Afikim via First Home in the Homeland together with their parents.

At school in the Jordan Valley local children had some special discussions this week:

–          What shall we do to make the new children feel at home?

–          What does it mean to be new? What does it mean to be different?

–         How to make the first days of the new classmates as easy as possible?

The children are working hard, baking cakes and making welcome posters – such an excitement! The first family is coming tonight!

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