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Update from Ukraine: Aliyah continues

editor - 9 January 2019

December is traditionally a busy month for our drivers, because many families want to leave Ukraine just before the end of the year to start a new life in Israel.

The families we brought to the airport have a different background. Some of them we knew already because we previously helped other members of their families or friends. Others have become a bit like family because they stayed for a while in our Shelter in Kiev.

On 31 December, Nataliya and Mark brought the last family of 2018 to Kiev airport. Shortly afterwards I received the following message from Nataliya, our dedicated Aliyah field worker since 2004:

“Zhenya and Anya, a young couple, were the last Olim we helped this year. Both have worked in the IT sector, but the general hopeless situation in Ukraine made them decide to go to Israel for good. We knew this young couple because we helped their parents at the beginning of 2018 to make Aliyah.

Anya told us several times that it is very special for her to leave in the same year as her parents, who had preceded her. This young couple, both 30 years old, have a good age to start something new in Israel and to help build the country!

They will first follow the Ulpan program at a school in Haifa to learn Hebrew.

They thanked us extensively for our practical help and we wished them the blessing of the Almighty and a soft landing and integration into their new homeland, Israel.

The year 2018 ended but the Aliyah work didn’t. On the first of January, a family of five from Chernovtsy came to the Shelter for their first interview at the Israeli Embassy on January 2nd, as well as a family from Kozatin. In the morning of January 3rd a young man left for Israel with a special Aliyah program.”

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