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ADI Offers Children a Chance

editor - 29 October 2021

Everyone is familiar with it – and maybe even more so after working from home – that one chair which you use and it doesn’t sit well. It irritates, takes you out of your concentration, and you may even have back pain at the end of the day.

The same applies to wheelchair users, but often with a far greater impact, because they cannot do without that chair. This can be remedied with wheelchairs that have an adjustable seat, and this gives children the chance to follow the lessons much better. And this is possible thanks to your help!

This spring, the organisation ADI (formerly ALEH) in Jerusalem approached us with a request for five wheelchairs with adjustable seats. The children who come to ADI for help are multiple disabled and often wheelchair bound. It is also much more difficult for them to make it clear that a wheelchair is not a good fit. However, the teachers and therapists do notice in the long run.

The children have difficulty concentrating during the lessons. It is even harder for them to move around. Or they constantly have to make an effort to keep themselves upright in the chair. And all this costs energy, a lot of energy.

Visible Effect

A wheelchair with an adjustable seat solves many of these problems. It provides support, freedom of movement where necessary, stability. And the effect? “The children eat better, it is better for their digestion, it gives them more independence.

Their concentration at school improves, which means that they are able to pick up more of the lessons. All this is a huge benefit for these children who are faced with a lot of limitations.”

Not all children get such a wheelchair. In Israel, the government can be quite bureaucratic from time to time, which means that children who need such a wheelchair cannot get one. This is why ADI asked us for help in purchasing five wheelchairs.

Your contribution towards these wheelchairs, several thousands of dollars each, is welcome!

Help Us – Help Them

ADI (formerly ALEH) has grown into a global community founded on the principles of sensitivity, inclusion, commitment and kindness. Join ADI in making a real difference in the lives of Israel’s most vulnerable citizens – children, adolescents and adults with severe disabilities and complex medical conditions.

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