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43 Years of Prayer

editor - 17 June 2019

Every Jewish family who goes to Israel leaves for different reasons. That’s why we always ask them what motivates them to go. So we put that question to sixty-year-old Edick, who recently left for Israel with his 84-year-old mother Schindla, a Holocaust survivor.

On arriving at Edick’s apartment, just before leaving for the airport, we were let in by Alona, the caretaker who has cared for Schindla these past two years. We introduced ourselves to Schindla, but she didn’t say a word and looked at us very suspiciously. It was a typical Soviet apartment: two small rooms. Edick came in from the other room, gave us a friendly smile, and we started talking. He said he had been praying to be able to go to Israel with his mother for either seven or seventeen years – I did not understand exactly what he said. Either way, he had been praying for a long time. Edick had been reading the Bible a lot, especially scripture verses that talk about the return, and would often say to his mother: “Let’s do what the Bible says and go to our homeland”. But Schindla was a bit stubborn and would always say: “Let’s wait a little longer”. Edick eventually considered going by himself, but he didn’t want to leave his mother alone.

“Your Wish Will be Fulfilled”
One day, a few months ago, Schindla said to her only child: “Your wish will be fulfilled. I am ready to leave Ukraine indefinitely.” Edick looked at his mother in unbelief, but she really meant it. The official papers were quickly taken care of. An interview at the Israeli embassy in Kiev, exit visa and date of departure were arranged by the Jewish Agency. Schindla has difficulty walking, but she was very determined. Slowly but surely she walked to the bus without saying a word. Two other families were also going.

Saying Goodbye
When everyone was on the bus, we introduced ourselves and shared how Christians for Israel helps people to return practically, in collaboration with the Jewish Agency. Once at the airport, we helped everyone with their luggage, seventy kilograms per person. After everyone was checked in, we gave them instructions as to what to expect on their arrival in Tel Aviv and also gave them a calendar showing the Jewish holidays. Right before saying goodbye, I asked Edick whether he had been praying for seven or seventeen years. He laughed and said: “From the age of seventeen, I have prayed regularly to be able to return to my homeland.” I did the math and said: “Edick, you have prayed for 43 years?” He smiled and nodded. “Yes, I have”. I was amazed.

Right before going through security, Schindla suddenly grabbed my hand, looked at me kindly and said: “Thank you very much, may the Almighty bless your work!”

God is Faithful

On the way back, I kept thinking of those 43 years. Truly, God is faithful and answers prayers. Not in our time, but in His time.


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