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editor - 29 November 2019

Masha will be spending this winter alone.
Will you help her?

In Ukraine, thousands of Jewish elderly people still live in great poverty in cities and in rural areas. They often live in dreadful conditions, like Masha in the photo. It’s cold in her clay house, but she warmly welcomes us. The food parcels that we bring are desperately needed to get through the winter. 

With your help we hope to put together 30,000 food parcels this winter, and distribute them to Jewish families and Holocaust survivors. Will you help?

2,000 food parcels ready to be distributed

Poverty among Jews in Ukraine 

In Ukraine there is an old folk song that starts with ‘When there’s no more water coming from the faucet, it is the fault of the Jews’. It shows how deeply rooted the hatred of Jews is here.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end with ‘innocent’ songs. In the past year, several Jewish cemeteries were defaced with paint and destroyed, while statues were erected for anti-Semitic national heroes from the past. 

Anemone Rüger visits one of the Holocaust survivors

In these fearful times, the visits we make are a tremendous encouragement. Especially for the elderly, who are often lonely because their families were murdered during the Holocaust.

For example, I recently visited an elderly lady, together with my good friend Rabbi Mendel Cohen from Marioepol in Eastern Ukraine. After the visit the rabbi said: “She has been lonely all her life, but now she can die knowing that there are people praying for her.”

At each and every visit we testify of God’s faithfulness to His people Israel, and of the promises He makes in the Bible. Promises about hope and the return of the Jewish people to Israel!

Will you help? One food parcel costs 10 euros or 12 US dollars. We can get the products for a good price, because the wholesale company knows that we use them for a good cause. 

On behalf of the Jewish community, thank you for your support! 

Koen Carlier

Aliyah Fieldworker Ukraine


Koen Carlier: ‘The plan is to spread 30,000 food parcels this winter. Your contribution is so important!’


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