70 Questions about Israel

70 Questions About Israel by Chan Siew Fong


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This easy-to-read book is written for Christian believers who want to understand the Biblical significance of Israel and why the Church should stand with Israel. The book is especially suitable for those with little prior knowledge of the issues surrounding Israel.

Replete with explanations, illustrations and maps, readers will gain a basic understanding of Israel from the Biblical, historical, political and legal perspectives, and thus be better equipped to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and stand with the nation of Israel with conviction. Do you have many questions on Israel but don’t know where to start and how to fit the many pieces of information together?

Author Siew Fong: “I was there before. I pored through tons of materials and spent a lot of time figuring out the complexities surrounding Israel. I sat under many teachers and attended conferences locally and in Israel. To shorten your search time, I wrote this book for you.”

In order to cater to a broad spectrum of readers, the author adopts a question and answer format. You may wish to look at the list of questions and go for burning questions, then back to other questions. Alternatively, you can work through the questions and answers sequentially.

The questions and answers are gathered around the following themes:

  • Introductory issues
  • Israel in the Bible
  • Israel and the Church
  • The Miracle of Modern Israel
  • Israel Today

Chan Siew Fong has years of experience in education and training tertiary teachers. She is Editor of the Asian edition of Israel & Christians Today, and Christians for Israel Regional speaker(Asia). 


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