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What is the situation of Hineni’s soup kitchen?

editor - 19 March 2020

We received this serious and at the same time encouraging letter from Benjamin Philip, Hineni’s director. This soup kitchen can provide many poor Jerusalemite citizens with a nutritious meal, thanks to your generosity.


Dear friends of Christians for Israel,

The situation in Israel has become very difficult as a result of the necessary measures the Israeli government took against the COVID-19 virus. Daily life is disrupted because in public establishments and other sites no more than ten persons are allowed to gather, who at the same time also must keep a distance of at least two metres in between.

Events and family celebrations like weddings, engagement parties and circumcisions must be cancelled to the great chagrin of all those involved. The schools are closed, public transport is restricted and visiting elderly people and hospitals is no longer allowed. Visiting a physician is allowed only in case of high fever and emergencies.

In short: it is very difficult for the inhabitants. We at Hineni are also confronted with all kinds of problems.


Firstly, there are no more than ten people simultaneously allowed in our restaurant, which forces us to pack all meals as take away dishes. Furthermore, all our Dutch volunteers have made their way homeward and most of our employees are unable to come because of lack of child care, limited public transport and closed districts.

Also, the delivery of goods is problematic, because in Israel too people began stocking up food supplies. Resulting in many products being sold out. And as a consequence, especially the elderly and weakest get the short end of the bargain, and have a greater need to come to us for meals.

We at Hineni receive cries for help from amongst others the social workers to deliver meals at the homes, for those who are not able to come because of fear, or governmental measures and advice not to travel with public transport. Something that is a tough job because of lack of staff, volunteers and means of transport.

In any event, we will make sure that a group of eighty Holocaust survivors are provided with daily meals at home as long as possible. There are other requests as well, but our few employees are stressed because of having to wear special masks, aprons and head covering, while every visitor has to wash his hands with the means supplied by us.

In spite of all discomforts, I want to thank you, especially now for your support that enables us to help so many affected and anxious people.

In a period that coincides exactly with the Purim and Pesach feasts, two special events, at which the Jewish people was threatened in her existence and the Eternal One in the face of all nations intervenes to offer salvation. Especially now we must have trust in God and endure these difficult times with full confidence in Him. Knowing that our prophets have already foretold these events to take place before Messiah will come and redeem Israel and the nations.

Therefore, we experience these difficult times as a bridge leading to better times.

Many thanks,

Benjamin Philip,

Director Hineni Soup Kitchen


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