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The First Day at School!

editor - 1 September 2020

September 1st has an iconic cultural status in Russian-speaking countries and is inextricably linked to the beginning of the school year. It has a special name – The Day of Knowledge!

This day was very special for almost 70 olim kids from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, who thanks to your kind and priceless support didn’t miss the beginning of the school year and are able to integrate into the educational system in a good way and at the right time.

For dozens of olim families this day is twice as important because their first-grade kids will start their 12 year-long school programme in their Homeland, surrounded with caring and loving people. The parents do not have to worry about the kids since they will start learning Hebrew from the very first day!

It was not easy for them to come to Israel, specially this year, when the whole world faces a terrible pandemic! They did it! We all helped them. Let’s wish them Beshaa Tova (good luck) and pray for them!


“He was so excited, that woke us up at 6 a.m. We are happy, that our son went to the first-grade in Israel” – Kirill and Anna Diev said.

These three beautiful girls begin their school life in new home. We all are so lucky!” – the parents recall.

Seeing her happy face and feeling her desire to go to school is all that we needed. We are so grateful to the First Home Program for this opportunity” – parents Evgenii and Olga shared.



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