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Israel celebrates its 72nd Independence Day – the return continues

editor - 29 April 2020

Earlier we reported that nine Jewish emigrants were scheduled to fly from Kiev to Tel Aviv and that the Christian Aliyah Alliance, of which we are part, was asked to help with the transportation. There were no obstacles and all nine olim from Ukraine were taken to the airport in Kiev safely and on time for their departure.

Among them was a pregnant lady from Sumy, north of Kiev and also a family from Mariupol, a 900 kilometers drive to Kiev. Another man, Dima, came from Odessa, a seven-hour drive to Kiev. All this had to be accomplished in one day, which meant that we were on the road for fourteen hours. After arrival at the airport we waited almost three hours at the airport until all nine olim had passed through Passport Control.

The airport was nearly empty. The nine travelers could hardly believe it when they received their free plane ticket. You could read it on their faces: ‘This is a miracle!’

Since the beginning of this year, we have helped hundreds of emigrants with free transport to one of the airports. And then it came to an abrupt end on March 19. Yesterday’s flight gives us, and the thousands who want to go to Israel, a feeling of hope.


Employees of the Jewish Agency measure the temperature of the travelers. Photo: Christians for Israel Ukraine

It seems like it will be a very busy summer. When we are handing out hundreds of our ‘quarantine food parcels’ in remote places, which is our main activity at the moment, the Jewish people we meet tell us before we even start talking about it: “This is really a sign for us to leave, and to not postpone it any longer. Now we are determined to go to Israel as soon as it is possible.”

So it not surprising that the offices of the Jewish Agency, spread all over Ukraine, received many phone calls and requests. Despite all the bad news we had in recent months regarding the coronavirus, it is positive news that the Jewish people can return to Israel and that Israel welcomes them, even in difficult circumstances, from all parts of the world.

Each olim can bring 70 kg of luggage. Here you see the luggage of a family of four. | Photo: Christians for Israel Ukraine

The coronavirus almost brought the world to a halt, but the return of Jews who want to go home continues!

Today there will be a celebration in Israel. This very old and at the same time very young country will celebrate its 72nd Independence and they will celebrate the return of more than three million Diaspora Jews since May 1948. As Christians for Israel we bless Israel and say: Mazzel tov Israel! The Almighty has done great things for you and He still does and He will do even greater things!

“When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion,
    we were like those who dreamed.
Our mouths were filled with laughter,
    our tongues with songs of joy.”
Psalm 126:1-2

PS: we received a WhatsApp message from the Jewish Agency in Ukraine. The next flight with olim is scheduled for Monday May 11!

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