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Aliyah may resume from Ukraine

editor - 25 April 2020

The Jewish Agency in Jerusalem informed us a few days ago that a flight is being prepared in cooperation with the Israeli government to evacuate a group of Israeli citizens from Ukraine together with 9 olim (emigrants).

This came as a pleasant surprise to us. The Jewish Agency also asked us if the Christian Aliyah Alliance could help with the transport. The Christian Aliyah Alliance is a collaboration of the organizations Ebenezer, Ezra and Christians for Israel. Of course we made a commitment. Everything is now being prepared according to the new rules to help these nine olim in a practical way. It will certainly not be busy at Kiev airport.

As you may have read, Belarus deals with the coronavirus with a negligent attitude as if nothing is wrong. However, this means that a group of 40 olim (immigrants to Israel) will be allowed to leave the country. On arrival, these people are immediately required to go in quarantine for two weeks in one of the centers in Israel that have been set up for this purpose.

Behind the scenes, we continue to explore and prepare various scenarios in collaboration with the Jewish Agency and the Christian Aliyah Alliance for the more than 3,000 Jews who wish to leave Ukraine, but are currently ‘quarantined’.

We just returned from an intensive working visit to the city of Odessa and the surrounding area. Fortunately, we have official documents to drive anywhere in Ukraine!

We will keep you informed.

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