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Vital Teaching Touches Hearts in Japan

editor - 12 December 2019

The 7th Asia Pacific Training and Leadership Conference was held at Jesus Ministry Christ Nations Church, in Kitahiroshimacho, a scenic rural area, 46 km from the city of Hiroshima in south-west Japan. From 21 to 23 November, 48 Japanese participants from all over Japan and 58 participants from other countries in Asia, Africa and America soaked in biblical truths about Israel which they had not heard before.

The two largest contingents came from Pakistan (22) and the Philippines (20); other nations represented were Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Nigeria, Myanmar, USA and Saudi Arabia. The conference was organised by Pastor Mimi Hagiwara and her efficient staff. Why Israel? was translated into Japanese by Dr Takashi Yoshida.

The teaching team consisted of Reverend Cornelis Kant, Marie-Louise Weissenbock, Reverend Dr Conrado Lumahan, Reverend Dr Wilson Ng, Chan Kuen Yoon and Chan Siew Fong. New offerings included a study of Ruth by Marie-Louise Weissenböck, ‘Menorah and the Cross’ by Reverend Dr Conrado Lumahan and a Question and Answer session.

The feedback received from conference participants has been encouraging. Ruka Matsuura, on behalf of the Japanese delegates reported: “We have had great lessons. We now have deep insights on the significance of Israel. We have been reading the bible and seen ‘Israel’ mentioned many times but we had no deep understanding. Now, the mystery has been revealed and we understand what Israel is all about.”

Attendees of the 7th Asia Pacific Training and Leadership Conference

Noliber Gngeh from Cameroon: “…great messages…I have learnt so much about the significance of Israel…met great people – Indians, Japanese, Americans etc…I will keep spreading the message about Israel when I go back…”

Pastor Irfan Shahzad, a Pakistani: “I am really blessed. I have never heard such teaching on Israel in my 20 years of ministry. I got the conviction to translate Reverend Willem’s books into Urdu as a seed to plant in this ministry.”

Philip, a Nigerian residing in the Philippines: “The teaching in this conference about Israel is amazing. Food is good. The people are nice. The atmosphere is great.”

Rommel Delfino, Hawaiian living in Kyoto: “It has been amazing…fresh revelations…I am going to start to pray for Israel.”

Robert Coulson, 20 year resident in Japan: “This conference has really opened my eyes to the scriptural foundations with regards to Israel….I am going to step it up in my prayer for Israel.”

Two lecturers from the Philippines found the sessions informative and are keen to bring the teaching on Israel back to their Baptist and Assemblies of God Bible Colleges.

Over all, the conference had a great impact on those attending.

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