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Sharing God’s Love for Israel

editor - 9 July 2020

The international work of Christians for Israel has grown enormously since Christians for Israel International was established in 1998. Branches were established first in USA, Canada and Germany, and shortly afterwards in the UK. Step by step, people in many countries came into contact with the message about Israel and were touched by it – at conferences, lectures or by reading our publications. A desire and calling arose to share this message about Israel in the churches in their own countries. Small teams of volunteers were set up to spread the message in their own countries with lectures, newsletters and other tools of communication.

Everything arose and grew out of a deep sense of calling, faith and voluntary engagement. Of course, we often meet resistance or financial setbacks, but ultimately it is God who provides and makes our mission fruitful.

Over the last twenty years we have been able to reach hundreds of thousands of Christians with the message that has remained the same everywhere: God remains faithful to His people Israel and will fulfill all His promises for Israel and the Jewish people. Israel’s place in our faith is not finished, but God has a great future for his people. So now we have grown into a global family in 42 countries, and partnerships with several global and national ministries.

The dissemination of the message about Israel started with visits to connect with the local churches, and was followed up with conferences, newsletters, newspapers and books. Today, modern social media such as Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp are being used more and more.

Our friends come from all different denominations and churches, and it is remarkable to see how a shared biblical vision on Israel creates unity in diversity. We meet each other at the biennial International C4I Forum in Jerusalem and hold regular regional teaching and training conferences.

The first goal of our ministry is to spread the message of God’s faithfulness to Israel. But we don’t want to just talk about Israel – we want to give practical blessing to the Jewish people through projects such as: helping Jewish Holocaust survivors in Ukraine and Israel, facilitating Jews who want to go to Israel on Aliyah, food kitchens in Israel, and helping children from vulnerable families in Israel, Jews and non-Jews. People who are touched by the message about Israel also want to support Israel with offerings and prayers.

Many Israelis are deeply touched when they notice that there are Christians who love, support and pray for them. In addition to Christians for Israel, many other Christian organisations have emerged with a focus on Israel and the Jewish people. We try to work together as much as possible – each ministry fulfilling its own calling with regard to Israel and the churches.

Our newspaper Israel & Christians Today has evolved into a unique publication full of biblical, political, historical and practical information about Israel and the Jewish people. It is published in Dutch, German and English, and we have also launched editions in Danish, Portuguese and Korean. In addition to physical distribution, the newspaper is also distributed digitally. In the coming period we also want to make more use of modern tools of communication and social media.

With the gifts of friends from richer countries, we can support our teams in poorer countries to spread the message. We have no policy of being present in as many countries as possible. We just want to be present wherever the Lord opens doors to bring the message.

The goal of Christians for Israel (C4I) is to bring Biblical understanding in the Church and among the nations concerning God’s purposes for Israel. With your support we can coordinate the further development of the worldwide C4I ministry. At the moment we have affiliates, representatives and partners in more than 40 countries worldwide.


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