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Shalom from New Zealand

editor - 11 February 2019

Last year was an amazing, albeit extremely busy, year in support of Israel, and 2019 looks to be similar. The biennial Christians for Israel International Forum in Jerusalem is held at the beginning of March, after which we look forward to hosting another 40+ Kiwis on our study tour of Israel. Those who have been able to travel through Israel will agree with me, it is a life-changing experience. It is a wonderful thing to set foot in the Holy Land, and a great privilege to be able to lead groups all the way from New Zealand!

At the moment the news media is full of commentary about the pending Israeli elections. As seems to be common with our Israeli friends, the rhetoric and political point-scoring is loud and fast – although to be fair this is certainly not unique to the Israelis! Much as I struggle with the loud, brash campaign noise that seems to go along with the election process – in any democratic country – it does offer a poignant reminder of Israel’s unique status. Israel remains the only truly democratic state in the Middle East. We pray that the election period will be smooth and peaceful, and that others around the world, pushing their own agenda, will be kept out!

Back in New Zealand we will continue to increase our efforts in 2019. Our Christians for Israel mandate is to Inform and Inspire, and to Comfort the Jews. A huge part of our work here is to try and combat the deliberate misinformation that Israel’s enemies would have people believe. Ensuring that we can provide accurate, honest information that tells the truth about Israel is an increasingly challenging task. Similarly, Inspiring the church to learn the true biblical position of Israel is essential, so that Christians might refrain from the anti-Semitism that remains rife in the world today. I am regularly shocked when speaking with ministers and pastoral colleagues who, not only have very little understanding of the biblical truth about Israel, but also what they do believe is often an extremely negative, twisted and anti-Israel position. We have much work to do!

It is a wonderful privilege to receive gifts and contributions from all over New Zealand, from real people who have heard and understood the call to bless God’s people. We are delighted to be able to send these funds on to various projects, and most importantly to support Aliyah. We also remain extremely grateful for the contributions that allow us to continue the work.

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