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Seven reasons to bless Israel!

editor - 25 January 2018

Israel will be seventy years old in 2018. That’s worth a celebration! Here are seven reasons to thank the Lord and to bless Israel.


  1. God is faithful to Israel

God promised everlasting faithfulness to the people of Israel. His promises are for all eternity. Unfortunately, at times this is forgotten in the church. Let’s get behind Israel as one. As Ruth said: ‘’Your people will be my people and your God my God!’


  1. More and more Israel is left on its own

Israel is seen through a magnifying glass. Fifty years ago, many nations were gladly supporting Israel. Today this is very different unfortunately. Israel defends itself against terror, and fights for its survival. But it must also fight against the hostile and judgemental media and world politics. Let’s swim against the current and bless Israel in prayer and action.


  1. God calls us to comfort His people

It’s beautifully said in Isaiah 40: ‘Comfort, comfort my people’. That’s what we can do with your support: bring comfort by offering help. Giving financial support to our beautiful projects, and also offer friendship through our visits, through tens of thousands of tulips and cards.


  1. Israel is a sign of hope

Who looks at Israel, receives hope. The Jewish people are back on their feet after two thousand years. Despite all the hardship and problems, the people of Israel live like never before. A reason for great thankfulness, and a reason to continue to support Israel.


  1. They are the Saviour’s people to whom scripture is entrusted

The Bible is the history book of Israel, but it also tells us about the Saviour’s redemption of all people and in the first place of his own brothers and sisters, the Jewish people. And we, as non-Jews, get to be a part of it.


  1. Many miracles are happening in Israel

Take for example the number of people living in Israel. There are ten times as many people as there were seventy years ago! The Jewish people are returning home. We get to witness this, and we can actually contribute to it.


  1. So much is still needed

There are many people all over the world who are waiting for an opportunity to go to their homeland Israel. Unfortunately, there’s also still a lot of poverty. Christians for Israel helps the return of the Jewish people to the homeland Israel, and we support all kinds of humanitarian projects for the underprivileged in Israel.


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