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Powerful pro-Israel demonstration in Berlin

editor - 15 November 2018

“I came here to mark 80 years since Kristallnacht, a night marked by a rampage of violence, hatred and murder of Jews in Berlin and throughout Germany, a night that began with broken glass at synagogues and Jewish-owned businesses, and ended in the gas chambers in Auschwitz,” said the Deputy Chairman of the Knesset Hilik Bar in Berlin.

“The difference between then and now is Israel”, Bar added. “Today we have the State of Israel as a safe and strong home for Jews throughout the world.”

Bar spoke at a public meeting against anti-Semitism, for Israel, for Jerusalem at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin last weekend. The meeting was initiated by several Israel ministries in Germany, among them Christians for Israel Germany. After several speeches Bar came on stage and gave his powerful speech. He -the grandson of a Holocaust survivor- had come to Berlin for the official commemoration of the Night of Broken Glass (Reich Pogrom Night) 80 years ago.

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Deputy Chairman of the Knesset Hilik Bar addresses the crowd

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