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Christians for Israel calls on Africa to bless Jerusalem

editor - 20 January 2018

From 7th – 18th January 2018 Christians for Israel held a 2-week campaign in Uganda.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of C4I Uganda, a delegation from the head office in the Netherlands joined the local C4I Uganda leadership to teach about the Biblical, historical and legal aspects of Israel, and the city of Jerusalem.

Christians for Israel called on churches in Africa to stand in solidarity with the Jewish people, and defend the right of the State of Israel to designate Jerusalem as its capital.

250 attendees in the Bible Gospel church in Kampala

Children’s Church at VOSO Gilgal: the young children collected US $ 7 for Aliyah!

A full 7 days teaching conference was hosted by VOSO (Volunteers of Salvation Outreach Ministries) Gilgal Church for the leaders of its many churches in Uganda and surrounding countries. Through multi-media presentations C4I International Teacher Jos van Westing opened up the historical and Biblical aspects of the Jewish people, the establishment of the modern state of Israel, the troubled history of Israel/Church relations, and the calling of the church to comfort Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Every morning the conference started with the Israeli National Anthem, HaTikva in Hebrew (!) and in English, as well as the Ugandan National Anthem.  108 pastors, church leaders and lay people attended each day from early in the morning till late at night, worshipping, fasting and praying for Israel and stayed overnight in the church premises.


Many who had worked during daytime, joined us every evening, up to over 400 attendees.

From 14th – 18th January a number of meetings were held in Kampala. C4I International Executive Director Andrew Tucker joined Jos van Westing, C4I Uganda Chairman Drake Kanaabo and other C4I Uganda leaders pastors, Edward Mwesigwa and Sarah Mikisa in hosting a one-day conference at Bible Gospel Church, which attracted 250 delegates, many of them pastors and Bishops of churches in or near Kampala. A conference attended by 200 pastors was also organized at the Redeemed Church in Kampala.

In total over 850 people attended the various events, and 100 pastors and overseers of churches endorsed the message of Christians for Israel.

A gift was made to Christians for Israel to enable 2 Jewish families to make Aliyah from the Ukraine.

At a high-level meeting for lawyers and members of Parliament attended by 50 lawyers including a Justice of the Court of Appeal, The State Minister for Kampala and several Members of Parliament, Andrew Tucker outlined the legal status of  Jerusalem and the case for Israel’s designation of Jerusalem as its capital. A working committee was established to build on this foundation and advocate to the government of Uganda and other African nations.


Several one-on-one meetings were held during the course of the campaign with senior church and government representatives as well as Ambassadors of other African states to Uganda.

By initiative of one of the Members of Parliament, Andrew Tucker and Jos van Westing were invited to join the prayer meeting early in the morning of Christians Ministers of State and MP’s and have breakfast in the Parliament. The opportunity was used to explain about God’s plan with Israel and the Nations, and to advocate the need to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and the necessity to keep the capital city of Israel united under Israeli administration, also to protect and secure the liberty of the different faiths.

These leaders of the Ugandan nation can make a difference in their country and on the whole continent of Africa, to vote in favor of Israel. Please pray for the leaders in UgandaMore

The week-long campaign closed with a VIP dinner in Kampala, at which Christians for Israel called on Church leaders in Uganda to lead the way in raising a voice into the nations of Africa on behalf of Israel.

Kanaabo recalled Uganda’s troubled relations with Israel which have known periods of cooperation but also periods of tragic conflict. “It is time for Uganda to leave the past behind, and fulfil its God-given calling to comfort the Jewish people and bless Israel”.

Tucker: “the constant criticism of Israel and it delegitimisation in the UN institutions presents an existential threat to the Jewish State of Israel. Yet Israel is a blessing to the world at so many levels. The continent of Africa will prosper if it enters a strategic alliance with Israel. Uganda has a unique relationship with the Jewish people, and is uniquely called to defend Judeo-Christian values in Africa. We call on the church in Africa to lead the way and to on its leaders to stand with Israel, and defend the right of the Jewish people to live in their ancestral homeland, including all of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.”

Drake Kanaboo (C4I Regional Director Africa), Pastor Sarah Mikisa, Justice Mike Chibita, Director of Public Prosecutions, Andrew Tucker, Jos van Westing, Pastor Ediie Mwesigwa

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