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Questions and Answers – Three Aliyah events in June 2017

editor - 5 July 2017

By Orly Wolstein.. “Now go, lead the people to the place I spoke of…” Exodus 32:34
Big question mark – summer is a time for many Jewish families that are still in diaspora to think about going back home. Families with children usually plan their aliyah (moving to Israel) on the end of August – because of the school year that starts on the 1st of September. Summer turns into a season of dreaming, planning and packing all over the widely spread Jewish community.

The Jewish Agency with support of Ofek Israeli organized aliyah events in different places of the world. Last two weekends – 11th of June and 18th of June – 3 fairs and seminars were held!

A huge aliyah fair was held in Kiev Ukraine on June 11th with about 2,500 visitors and about 40 organisations from Israel! Volunteers of Christians for Israel working in Ukraine and Elena Kovarsky, the director of the First Home in the Homeland worked together presenting to the Jewish families options, how to properly start their new lives in Israel with learning Hebrew and helping children to adapt to the new environment. Israelhopes in the nearest future to welcome thousands Ukrainian Jews at their new Home. Thanks to the practical help of Christians for Israel in Ukraine for many olim this dream will come true. And we’re ready to receive them in one of 44 kibbutzim of the “First Home in the Homeland” all over Israel!

Aliyah fair in Kiev – June 11, 2017

In Samara (Central Russia) an aliyah fair was held on June 18th and on the same day another aliyah fair took place in Syktyvkar (North of Russia). In Samara some participants that already applied for a program made an additional interview with Elena Kovarsky and got an answer straight away– they learned what will be their new addresses from the 1st of September!

Aliyah fair in Samara – June 18, 2017

Aliyah fair in Syktyvkar – June 18, 2017

Syktyvkar Jewish community is rather small; historically it was a place of deportation during the Soviet repressions. Sixty participants of the seminar learned more about Jewish traditions and a meaning of aliyah.
Many pins on the world map of Jewish diaspora, much work and many doubts, but only one direction leading Home…

Orly Wolstein
‘First Home in the Homeland’
Projectmanager Jewish Agency for Israel 

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Watch some more photographs from the June 2017 aliyah fairs below.







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