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How to get to two states: Netanyahu shines a bright light on the obstacles to a lasting peace

editor - 28 February 2017

By New York Daily News.. Setting aside a perplexing remark by President Trump, he and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a strong and important show of unity at the White House Wednesday (February 15, 2017). Bad news first: Trump’s apparent ignorance of the two-state solution, which for very good reason has been the basis for Mideast peace negotiations for decades. “I’m looking at two states and one state. I like the one that both parties like.”“I can live with either one,” said the President, perhaps unaware that a one-state solution would either consign Palestinians to permanent second-class status — or, via demographic change over the course of a few generations, end Israel’s status as a Jewish state.

But that shaky statement was an aberration in a joint appearance that otherwise helpfully reset relations that, over two terms under President Obama, were pained and strained. Read the full story.


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