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Christians for Israel Italy organizes “Shalom Jerusalem” conference in Rome

editor - 5 July 2017

By Andrew Tucker.. Christians for Israel’s Italian affiliate – “Cristiani per Israele” – organized an impressive conference in Rome on Saturday 24th June, 2017 in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem in June 1967.  The meeting was hosted by Communidade Evangelica Internacional Zona Sul church in Rome, led by Rev. Fernando de Franca.  Attended by about 200 participants from all over Italy, this was the first event of its kind in Rome.

Conference room of the 2017 “Shalom Jerusalem Conference” in Rome


Israeli Vice-Ambassador Dan Haezrachy opened the meeting, expressing the thanks of the Israeli government for Christian support and friendship in a time in which the existence of the State of Israel is under increasing attack. Rev. Fernando da Franca spoke passionately of the need to preach and depend upon God’s word. “God’s word is 100% reliable. He will fulfil al that He has promised.”

Israeli Vice-Ambassador Dan Haezrachy, Chiara Canciani and Edda Fogarollo.

Senator Lucio Malan encouraged the participants to express their concerns about Italian government policies regarding Israel. For example, the Italian government recently approved massive investments by energy concern ENI in Iran – that maintains its intent to destroy IsraelSenator Malan condemned the tendencies of Israel’s enemies to deny historical realities. “We must defend the historical validity of both the Old and NewTestaments. The presence of the Jewish people in the land is in fact one of the greatest proofs of the truth of God’s word”. On a more positive note, in May 2017, Italy was one of only ten nations to vote against a UNESCO resolution condemning Israel’s unification of JerusalemMalan: ”This was a result of many people expressing their objections to Italy’s earlier votes in support of similar resolutions, as well as fervent prayers.”

Rev. de Franca and Dr. Magdi Cristiano Allam

Rev. Willem Glashouwer (President, Christians for Israel International) reflected on the 500th anniversary of the reformation. He emphasized that 400 years of rationalism in Europe have resulted in lack of faith in the truth of God’s word. Combined with the theological blockades in the hearts and minds of Christians, this has resulted in an inability to understand the current affairs in the Middle East. “The church again needs a deep reformation. We need to change the roots of our replacement and fulfilment theologies that have crept in over the centuries. It is time to stand on the authority of God’s eternal covenants with Israel. God is a faithful God, who does what He says. He is restoring Israel, in order to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth when Jesus returns”.

Rev Willem J.J. Glashouwer and Rev de Franca

Edda Fogarollo (Chair, Cristiani per Israele) gave an impassioned presentation on the troubled relationship between Rome and Israel – starting with the Maccabees, and with its deepest point the destruction of the Temple in 70AD and the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Jews in 135 AD.

Andrew Tucker (Executive Director, Christians for Israel International) spoke about the prophecies of Zachariah 12, who describes Jerusalem in the end times as a “the cup that sends the surrounding peoples reeling”. This is exactly what we are witnessing today – it is Israel’s neighbors who are time and again sponsoring United Nations and UNESCO resolutions rejecting the reunification of Jerusalem, and demanding its re-division and the establishment of “East Jerusalem” as the capital of the claimed “state of Palestine”. Similarly, Jerusalem is an “immoveable rock” – no matter what the nations try, they cannot defeat or divide the city. There is no doubt that the nations will “gather against Jerusalem”, in all likelihood on the basis of United Nations resolutions. But the Lord Himself will intervene to protect His people and destroy Israel’senemies.

From left to right: Andrew Tucker, Edda Fogarollo, Rev Willem J.J. Glashouwer, Marianne Glashouwer, Marie-Louise Weissenböck, Albert Veksler, Israeli Vice-Ambassador Dan Haezrachy and Rev de Franca

Magdi Cristiano Allam, former Muslim, and journalist and politician, gave his personal testimony of how he came to faith in the Lord Jesus ChristEurope is being threatened by radical Islam. It is time for the Church to awake, and to defend our civilization based of Judeo-Christian values.

Albert Vecksler (Chairman, Global Aliyah, and founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast) spoke of the mystery of the return of the Jewish people to the land. Romans 11 promises that the restoration of the Jewswill be “like life from the dead”. Every restoration of the Jewish people has been a blessing to the world.

The conference finished with a wonderful concert of Israeli music by Birgitta Johanna Lundvall from Jerusalem.

Celebrating 50 years of a reunited Jerusalem


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