• On 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. | Photo: Shutterstock

War in Ukraine: Emergency Campaign

editor - 24 February 2022

Today, the situation in Ukraine escalated dramatically. Russia has declared war on Ukraine and has carried out bombing raids throughout the country. An invasion seems inevitable. The Jewish residents of Ukraine are in a state of panic: many are fleeing, supermarket shelves are empty, airspace is closed, trains are no longer running, and gasoline pumps are out of business. Therefore, Christians for Israel has launched an emergency campaign for Jews in Ukraine. Will you join us?

What is the impact on the Jewish community?

The impact on the Jewish community in Ukraine is huge. In history, we see that unrest in Ukraine invariably leads to antisemitism. People are frustrated and distraught, and they vent that frustration on the Jews in their villages and towns. Our team in Ukraine receives calls day and night from people who are panicking, leaving hearth and home without knowing where to go.

“A large grain silo near Uman is now on fire, it was close to a military depot that was bombed. There are casualties. I am keeping in touch with the people of our community, trying to calm them down. But I am very worried”

Oleg, leader of the Jewish community in Uman

What is Christians for Israel doing?

In recent weeks, Christians for Israel has been doing everything possible to prepare for the escalation we see taking place today.

  1. Over the past few weeks, we have been helping Jewish communities stock up on emergency supplies of shelf-stable food. Most Jewish communities now have food in stock for one or more months.
  2. At central locations in western Ukraine, we have emergency shelter for refugees. We have helped these locations purchase mattresses, bedding, and all the necessities to house people temporarily.
  3. Many Jews want to flee from Ukraine and leave for Israel. Christians for Israel is helping them evacuate from Ukraine. Now that the airspace is closed, alternatives are being looked into: evacuation through neighboring countries.
  4. The reception in Israel of these Jewish refugees. Thanks to your support, large numbers of refugees can be welcomed in Israel.

How can I help?


–           Pray for our team in Ukraine. Pray for peace, wisdom and insight to act well in this crisis.

–           Pray for the Jewish communities in Ukraine. Many people are in a panic and don’t know where to turn to.

–           Pray especially for the Jewish elderly and Holocaust survivors: all the traumas of World War II are now resurfacing.

–           Pray for The Jewish Agency and the Israeli Embassy, for proper coordination of emergency relief and evacuation.

–           Thank our Heavenly Father, that the situation will not be out of His control.


Especially for this situation we have established an emergency fund to help the Jewish community of Ukraine: with food, emergency shelter and evacuation to Israel. Especially now, it is important to stand beside them. Therefore, we urge you to support this emergency fund generously.

How you can help – Donate buttons below

– Food for a week: € 50 / US $ 55

– Temporary emergency shelter for one week: € 100 / US $ 112

– Evacuation of Ukrainian Jews to Israel: € 150 / US $ 168

“We had planned to visit Jewish elders in Kremenchug and Zaparozhe today. We had to cancel the trip last minute. We heard loud explosions. Our colleagues from Kiev are now fleeing with their families to western Ukraine. There are huge traffic jams, people are panicking. In stores, there are endless queues of people who want to hoard the last products. No one believed this scenario would become reality.”

Alina, staff member Christians for Israel Ukraine

In addition to the threat from Russia, things are also going badly for Ukraine economically. Ukraine’s currency, the Grivna, is at an all-time low, and food and energy prices are rising almost daily. Jewish elderly living on a pension of fifty euros a month can barely make ends meet. After paying for heating costs and medicine, there’s nothing left to pay for other needs. They survive on the food that Christians for Israel supplies them with.

Encouragement from the Bible

“Come! Come! Flee from the land of the north,” declares the LORD, “for I have scattered you to the four winds of heaven,” declares the LORD” (Zechariah 2:6). The word ‘Come’ is mentioned twice to give it extra emphasis. It’s an exhortation. The land of the north – a description we find more often in the books of the Prophets – in our days is referring to the former Soviet Union. With the fall of the wall between East and West, hundreds of thousands of Jews from the Soviet Union went to Israel. Many lived in Ukraine, where they had been dissipated to during the time of the Czar. Now, there is no time to be lost. Israel is ready to receive the 200,000 Jews from Ukraine.

We are grateful that so many people around the world are involved in our work among the Jewish communities in Ukraine. A lot of money is needed, and every euro or dollar we receive for this special work directly benefits the emergency aid we provide there.


Emergency Aid Ukraine, donate in €

Emergency Aid Ukraine, donate in US $