The ideological, political and legal fight against Israel in the UN

Rita Quartel - 3 February 2023

This year the Jewish State of Israel celebrates its 75th birthday. Israel is one of the most successful nations on earth. It is the only well-functioning democracy in the Middle East, and a major contributor to global innovation, regional prosperity and security, while many parts of the region are in chaos and war.

And yet Israel’s legitimacy and sovereignty are under attack as no other nation. International law is engaged daily as an instrument to demonize and undermine the Jewish State of Israel. Israel is seen as solely responsible for the lack of resolution of the Israel-Palestinian conflict. If only Israel would “end the occupation”, it is said, peace and justice will be achieved. Increasingly, Israel is accused of international crimes, such as “apartheid”.

An example is the Human Rights Council‘s commission of inquiry created in 2021 following a resolution by Pakistan on behalf of the Islamic states and the PLO. As Hillel Neuer (Executive Director of UN Watch) has stated: “These investigators, including the chair Navi Pillay, are extremely biased. The chair herself, Navi Pillay, has said that countries should “sanction apartheid Israel!” She signed a petition two years ago, calling on countries to boycott what she calls “apartheid Israel.” So it’s absolutely absurd that Navi Pillay or Miloon Kothari should be on this commission. They should be removed immediately, and of course the commission itself should be disbanded.”

A root problem is the ideologies of those state and non-state actors that manipulate the UN system to achieve their political goals.

Tragically, the obsession of both Western liberals and Islamic radicals with demonizing Israel, and tolerating Palestinian violence, dehumanizes not only Israelis but Palestinians as well. As Egyptian-born intellectual Hussein Aboubakr Mansour says, “The proliferation of such intellectual pathologies is what ultimately enables armies of American and European journalists, diplomats, aid workers, NGO officials, and others to totally accept the prevalence of violence, icons of death, and the valorization of cruelty in Palestinian culture, both popular and high, and in education.”

Christians for Israel (International) has the pleasure to invite you to a ground-breaking conference in The Hague on 29 and 30 March 2023 to address these issues.

Hillel Neuer and Hussein Aboubakr Mansour will be keynote speakers at this unique and timely conference, which is organized by Christians for Israel (International) with The Hague Initiative for International Cooperation (thinc.).

The conference is for all who are interested in the legal, ideological and political roots of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It will give you tools for conversations about the conflict and Israel’s history. The speakers at the conference are experts and authorities in their fields. You do not need to be a lawyer to participate.

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The Editorial Team – Israel & Christians Today

Progressive Westerners dehumanize both Israelis and Palestinians
“Underneath the positions of pro-Palestinian progressive Westerners lies a conglomerate of presuppositions and assumptions that are rarely openly discussed or mentioned.”
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Two States for Two Peoples? – A flawed legal and political policy 

According to the Hague Initiative for International Cooperation (thinc.), the “two state” policy is based on false assumptions, and should be revisited.

“Despite decades of strenuous EU efforts, expending tens of billions of euros, the reality is that there is no independent, democratic and peaceful Palestinian state. Democratic institutions of government are lacking, Palestinian institutions and society are corrupt and radicalized. Major Palestinian organizations continue to promote the destruction of Israel and reward attacks on and the killing of Jews. The Oslo peace negotiation process expired in the violence of the Palestinian Intifada against Israel in the 2000s. The security risks mean that Israeli withdrawal from East Jerusalem and the West Bank is currently unrealistic.

The EU two-state policy has failed because it is based on three false assumptions: a) conceptually, that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is territorial and not existential; b) legally, that the West Bank belongs to a future sovereign Palestinian State; and c) practically, that the establishment of a peaceful, democratic fully-fledged Palestinian state beside Israel is feasible. This report critiques these assumptions and makes recommendations for a new approach.”
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