Special news from Ukraine: orphan girl gets married

editor - 8 July 2021

Two weeks ago it was a special day: Vera got married! As a young Jewish girl she came to the Tikva orphanage in Odessa when she was only two years old. First she stayed first in the children’s home, later in the girls’ home, and finally in the student house.

Her mother was in prison when Vera was taken into Tikva’s family. When Vera was only five years old, her mother died. She never knew who her father was… Vera’s grandmother took care of her until she developed Alzheimer’s and could no longer take care of her and this is why Vera was brought to the Tikva orphanage.

Despite all the hardships, Vera has grown to be a delightful young lady, very sociable and blessed with amazing qualities. And now that she got married, she will start a new chapter in her life.

Rabbi Michael Brodman from Tikva Odessa wrote to Christians for Israel: “This life changing story has happened because of your help, support, love, care and dedication. Without you, it wouldn’t have happened!Be proud of another life YOU have saved.”


About Tikva

Tikva takes in Jewish children from all kinds of different home environments. From all over Ukraine, the organization shelters Jewish children who would otherwise be doomed to a hopeless existence.

Tikva’s mission is to care for homeless, neglected and abused Jewish children in Ukraine. Tikva provides a warm environment, where the children are taken care of. They receive good food and warm clothes daily, as well as physical and psychological care. In addition, Tikva provides both regular and Jewish education.

Christians for Israel gives regular support to Tikva through meals, clothing and school supplies. Our Christians for Israel team in Ukraine regularly pays working visits to Tikva in Odessa.