Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer Visits Brazil

editor - 13 December 2017

By Pr. Val Nogueira.. The Christians for Israel seminar held in Brazil, was once again blessed by a visit from Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer and his wife, Marianne. The tour started in the city of Olinda-PE, where 70 pastors from across the State of Pernambuco and various denominations gathered together to hear the message.

The hosts, Pr. Gleyson Vitorino de Farias, (Baptist Church) and Pr. Eduardo Silva de Morais, (Assembly of God), have committed themselves to support Christians for Israel Brazil and have adopted Rev. Willem Glashouwer’s ‘Why Israel?’ teachings to their Bible Schools and Theological Seminars (over 3000 students).

We had the opportunity to take the message to various groups and churches in the States of PernambucoParaiba and Rio Grande do Norte.The State of Pernambuco was the first province in South America to welcome the Jewish people and the home of the first Synagogue of the Americas. During the Dutchcolonisation of the province of Pernambuco, this part of the world became a haven to the Jewish people in the dark days of both Portuguese and Spanish Inquisitions. However when the Portuguese took over, the Jews had to flee to several other States nearby and also made their way to the South Provinces.

Fortunately, all events were attended by leaders and pastors who are influential voices over a vast flock in the Northeast of Brazil.We are very encouraged by new partners who came forth to support Israel, inform the church, and inspire others to also love God’s firstborn son.

Pr. Val Nogueira
Christians for Israel Brazil

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