Representatives of Christians for Israel meet in Nijkerk – The Netherlands

editor - 6 March 2018

It is a diverse company of people from different cultural and church backgrounds. What they have in common is the love for Israel and God’s people and the desire to spread the Biblical message about Israel in their own region.

Early February 2018 representatives of Christians for Israel came to the Netherlands for a time of prayer and to be further equipped for the work they do. From different parts of the world people came to Nijkerk, were the new head office of Christians for Israel is located. In many countries people operate in small teams, and therefore it is inspirational to see the office in the Netherlands, including the Israel Product Center which imports and sells products from Israel.

To bring the message about God’s plan with Israel is quite a challenge in many countries. In other countries people have simply never followed any teachings on Israel. Especially in those countries people are really open to hearing this message and accepting it.

After a time filled with teaching, meetings and encouragement everyone went back to their own countries. They were inspired by what they heard and saw, and encouraged to continue with the special work for Christians for Israel. As founder Karel van Oordt used to say: ‘to be missionaries in the Church.’

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