Protest against monument for Jewish children in Ukraine

editor - 31 July 2019

A few days ago, a petition with about a hundred signatures was posted on social media, opposing the erection of a monument, to commemorate the murder of hundred Jewish children during the Holocaust, in the Ukrainian city of Bila Tserkva. The official inauguration of the monument is planned for the end of August 2019. The monument is partly sponsored by Christians for Israel.

The petition follows just a few days after the Jewish community of Bila Tserkva opposed the illegal repair of the former great synagogue in the city. Since the historical building is regarded a monument, it is not allowed to change the facade. Nevertheless, construction workers destroyed many visible reminders of the Jewish history of the building. After strong opposition from the Jewish community, the local government put a halt to the illegal repairs of the building. A few days later the petition appeared on social media.

‘We suspect that these people are seeking revenge’, says Alina Gryadchenko, who works for Christians for Israel in Ukraine. ‘It is saddening to see that the building of a memorial for the Jewish children of the city is being opposed by people who are angry and jealous.’

The monument is being built on what was a dump until just a few months ago. It has taken years to arrange all the necessary permits to erect the monument. The inauguration of the monument will take place 78 years to the day after the Jews of Bila Tserkva were killed.


The place of the monument, before the building started

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