Peace between Israelis and Palestinians: is it possible?

editor - 14 November 2018

On Tuesday November 6, 2018, Christians for Israel organised a congress in its Israel Centre in Nijkerk, The Netherlands. No vacant seat is left in the Jerusalem Hall for this ticketed event. The reason is obvious: interesting speakers with a unique expertise in their respective areas of expertise. Some of the speakers come all the way from Israel.

International law dominates the morning session of the congress. Dr Matthijs de Blois shows the policy in the international treaties ever since 1917 of firstly the League of Nations, later replaced by the United Nations in 1943 and its implications. Which boundaries were decided upon? Who owns which area, according to international law? Which policy should the nations follow? With the aid of maps of the area Dr de Blois clarifies a lot. Israel is legally perfectly entitled to exist and many countries run ahead of things by recognizing Palestine. It is without any foundation, neither historically, nor judicially.

Israel is legally perfectly entitled to exist

Andrew Tucker, director of “The Hague Initiative for International Co-Operation” (Thinc) shows in the second lecture that the United Nation’s policy is indistinct. Many different countries recognise Palestine whereas there is no state. Who does the Palestinian Authority actually represent? In Gaza Hamas is in control and Fatah’s range of control in Judea and Samaria is questionable. Andrew Tucker shows that the political steps taken don’t fit in with international law. Especially in the UN nobody takes up the cudgels for Israel, while on the other hand the anti-Israel lobby is very well organised. For years past anti-Israel resolutions are prepared in Arabic countries. Thinc will strive to enhance Israel’s legal position based on international law.

Especially in the UN nobody takes up the cudgels for Israel

After the break, Israeli based Itamar Marcus, director of the “Palestinian Media Watch” (PMW) is called upon to speak. His organisation investigates what Palestinian media write about Israel. His findings are shocking. The Palestinian media and their leaders are rewriting history. The nation of Israel is denied completely while the Palestinians “existed all the time”. The Holocaust is denied and completely put aside. The Palestinian Authority forbids every form of normalisation, which means that for example exchanges between Arabic and Jewish football teams are considered a crime. Every “normal” organised contact gets you into an awkward position. Terror attacks on innocent civilians are praised and rewarded throughout. Committing terror attacks put you in a better position.

The nation of Israel is denied completely

Ali Salim confirms this story. This is not his real name. The interview with him is recorded in Israel. He comes from a refugee camp and has heard all his live how wicked Jews (read: Israel) and how dangerous colonists are. Five years ago his life changed, because he learned English. Through his contacts with foreign visitors he was confronted with another reality. He tells about the corruption in the Palestinian areas. The word is that the only way to advance socially is become active in the battle against Israel. Ali exerts himself to get in touch with Israelis. Knowing each other will help to reach a lasting peace.

To advance socially one has to become active in the battle against Israel

Kay Wilson concluding the congress

Kay Wilson concludes the congress. She survived a murderous assault while witnessing her friend being killed. It is incomprehensible for her that her murderer, who is imprisoned in Israel, receives a monthly reward from the Palestinian Authority and is honoured as a hero. It happens to all perpetrators of terror attacks. For the Palestinian Authority they are heroes that are honoured and must be rewarded. This is also the result of the financing by the Dutch government of the Palestinian Authority.

The road for peace is long. The congress concludes with praying Psalm 28, because the redemption of the world ultimately comes from God.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Psalm 122:6-7: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May those who love you be secure. May there be peace within your walls and within your citadels.””More

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