• - The "sulha peace project" for youth - the "sulhita"-a gathering of Jewish and Arab youth that took place in a secluded point of the desert, gives them opportunities to meet youth of "the other side". Beyond rigid stereotypes, social norms and negative media coverage. Photo by Chen Leopold/Flash90

Lecture Itamar Marcus (PMW) on Peace between Israelis and Palestinians

editor - 28 November 2018

In our Post “Peace between Israelis and Palestinians: Is it possible?” we reported about Itamar Marcus’ speech during this conference. You can now watch this speech below. Itamar Marcus, director of the “Palestinian Media Watch” (PMW) investigates what Palestinian media write about Israel. His findings are shocking. The Palestinian media and their leaders are rewriting history. The nation of Israel is denied completely while the Palestinians “existed all the time”. The Holocaust is denied and completely put aside. The Palestinian Authority forbids every form of normalisation, which means that for example exchanges between Arabic and Jewish football teams are considered a crime. Every “normal” organised contact gets you into an awkward position. Terror attacks on innocent civilians are praised and rewarded throughout. Committing terror attacks put you in a better position.

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