• Nataliya serves on the team of Christians for Israel in Ukraine and works day and night to assist Jewish refugees. Photos: Svetlana Soroka
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Aliyah fieldworker Nataliya: “Joy instead of tears”

Christians for Israel - 11 April 2022

Our Aliyah fieldworker Nataliya shares: “The war has been raging in Ukraine for over a month. From the very beginning of the war I have been assisting and helping the Jewish refugees and accompany them on part of their journey on behalf of Christians for Israel.”

Nataliya: “Today, on yet another bus ride, I received a word from the Lord: ‘The oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.’ (Isaiah 61:3)

There is deep pain in every story we hear. We weep together with those who weep. We comfort, embrace and bless them. With tears in their eyes, people thanked the whole team for providing food,  hot water and a comfortable place to stay.”

Three generations
Like the family from Nikolayev. Grandma Katerina, her daughter Lena and granddaughter Polina, three generations. Without Lena’s husband. The men stay behind to defend their town. They said: “We were surrounded by so much care and love. We have never met such people”.

Three generations: grandmother Katerina, daughter Lena and granddaughter Polina.

Escaped from Kiev
Boris and Lyuba are a couple from Kiev. They have a lovely dog. They recently lost their daughter at the age of 35. Their son lives in Israel. When the war broke out the couple wanted to flee from Kiev. They almost lost hope of being able to leave the city, since it seemed almost impossible to find transportation. But miraculously, after yet another phone call, they got Nataliya’s number. “We were taken care of like parents care for their children. We are extremely grateful to the entire team that helped us.”

Boris and Lyuba from Kiev.

Special Program
Danilo, 14, decided to go to Israel to participate in a special program for students (the Naale program). “At a time like this, I decided to study in Israel. Of course my mother was afraid of this decision. But I hope she will go with me,” says Danilo.

Danilo (right) will go to Israel for a special integration program for teenagers.

A lot of Ukrainian-Jewish teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18 now suddenly left for Israel for this special program. The program has just started for teenagers from both Ukraine and Russia, because there is a great need for it. They study Hebrew, receive shelter and food, and there are social activities. They also receive therapy to help them process their traumas of the war.

Nataliya: “I am grateful and happy to be a part of God’s work together with our team.”

Emergency Assistance
Jewish refugees are brought from our shelter in Ukraine to Moldova. Buses then bring them to airports in either Moldova or Romania. From there, they are brought to Israel. The expense of such a bus trip is € 4000 or $4400. This is about € 100 or $110 per person. Would you like to assist one or more Jewish refugees with their evacuation and emigration to Israel? Or do you want to sponsor a whole bus? Please support our emergency campaign. Your support is of vital importance. Thank you in advance!


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