Israel & Christians Today: Weekly Update (February 1)

editor - 1 February 2019

Welcome to another weekly wrap-up of events and issues affecting Israel and the Jewish people.

Nothing momentous, more of the same. Yet gradually one gets the sense that tensions are building. Germany and France continue to intensify their partnership and distance themselves from Israel. At the same time Israel is extending its hand to nations previously not regarded as its friend – Israel has renewed diplomatic ties with Chad, PM Netanyahu is reported to be planning a visit to India, and Israel immediately sent assistance to Brazil after the recent disaster, just to name a few.

An interesting side note – as I was working on this update while in transit in Abu Dhabi, I was refused access to the Times of Israel website because apparently that site “contains content that is prohibited” by the Telecommunications Authority of the United Arab Emirates. This is the same country that has launched a local version of the Louvre. The Arab world gladly embraces secular European culture (and wealth) but continues to reject the Jewish nation. So much for freedom of speech in the Middle East.

This week:
  • Amnesty promotes boycotts
  • The dilemma of Europe’s Jews
  • The EU seeks to work around the Iran sanctions
  • Israel extends closure of Palestinian institutions in East Jerusalem
  • The false promise of Iraqi-Israeli peace

Amnesty International promotes boycott of Israeli settlements
Good piece in The Australian by our friend Alex Ryvchin exposes the hypocrisy and ignorance behind yet another attack on Jews living in three Old City of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.
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The dilemma facing Europe’s Jews 
I was interested in this analysis by Daniel Pipes of the complex relationship between Israel, the Jews in Europe and the rise of so-called “nationalist” parties in Europe. Whatever one thinks of these parties, the fact is that Europe is going through something of a revolution, and it is not easy for Europe’s Jews (less than a quarter of a percent of the total population and 1/20th the size of the European Muslim population) to work out how to deal with it. It’s all part of this intriguing and mysterious process of the Lord gradually bringing His people home.


Britain, France and Germany snuggle up to Iran
We’ve been writing and commenting recently about the intensifying relationship between Germany and France. The latest is their bid, together with Britain, to get around the Iran sanctions. Make no mistake – this is driven by European self-interest, which allows little room for Israel’s concerns about Iran’s expansionist policies in the Middle East and hate of the Jews expressed in its determination to liquidate the State of Israel.
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Israel extends closure of Palestinian institutions in East Jerusalem
Israel’s Public Security Minister has decided to continue Israel’s prohibition on institutions connected with the PLO being situated in East Jerusalem.
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The False Promise of Iraqi-Israeli Peace
Things seem peaceful between Israel and its neighbours (with the exception of Iran). All may not be what it seems.
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