Indonesian Christians hungry for message about Israel

editor - 18 December 2018

At the beginning of December Pastor Conrado Lumahan (Christians for Israel Philippines) and Regional Trainers Siew Fong and Kuen Yoon spoke at several Christians for Israel training conferences in Indonesia. Many pastors, church leaders, and seminary students attended the various events. Here is a short overview of the events. 

On Tuesday 4 December, a Christians for Israel Training the Trainers was held at Gereja Bethel Indonesia (GBI), South Jakarta‬. Pastor Lumahan preached on reasons for standing with Israel. This set the stage for Kuen Yoon and Siew Fong to take the participants through the key points in each chapter of the ‘Why Israel?’ Workbook which had been translated. 35 pastors and church leaders attended this training. They felt encouraged and empowered to stand in solidarity with Israel and to use Rev. Glashouwer’s book, ‘Why Israel?’ and its workbook.

Pastor Hizki (left) translates Pastor Conrado

The team of trainers of Christians for Israel Asia

At the Gajah Mada Plaza Tower, Jakarta, 236 people attended, among them Seminary and Bible College professors, national leaders, pastors, church leaders and seminary/bible school students attended. Like the day before, Pastor Lumahan preached on reasons for standing with Israel and Siew Fong and Kuen Yoon went through salient points of the ten chapters. This was followed by a panel discussion with questions from the audience. This segment of the training was particularly well received. We received wonderful feedback from the participants who were grateful for the clarity of our explanations.

Lastly, there was a trainings session at a Pentecostal Holiness/Harvest School, STT, Obaja, Jakarta where 75 people attended. Most of the participants were Bible School students, Bible School teachers and church leaders. After the preaching of Pastor Lumahan on reasons for standing with Israel and the sharing of Kuen Yoon and Siew Fong, participants asked questions about the topics presented. People were hungry for God’s message about Israel.

Participants at the Pentecostal Holiness/Harvest Bible School, Obaja, Jakarta

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