Growing Anti-Semitism in Europe

editor - 14 August 2018

‘Never again.’ Year after year people around the world repeat these words during Holocaust memorial events, and of course, they mean what they say. Yet European policymakers seem clueless about how to reign in the increase of anti- Semitism. In some countries, it seems that even the government itself is infected. Although not all Jews in Europe feel unsafe, they do feel a growing unease.

Religious freedom is under pressure. Political disagreements with Israel are taken out on (local) Jewish communities. Meanwhile, traditional forms of anti- Semitism are also resurfacing.

Of course, authorities do speak out against anti-Semitism now and then. Of course, there are public shows of support, for example in Berlin, where hundreds of people took to the streets wearing kippotin response to the news that Jews no longer feel safe wearing a kippah on the street. Of course, Jewish organisations can count on help with security from the police, or even from the military, but all of this only addresses the symptoms instead of curing the disease. Despite everything, anti-Semitism appears to keep on growing.

European leaders’ attitudes on the matter do not give concerned citizens much reason for hope. Recently PA leader Mahmoud Abbas gave a speech in which he, in effect, blamed the Holocaust on the Jews themselves. There was not a single word of condemnation from Europe.

Let us hope and pray that the Eternal One will give us the courage to continue to stand in the breach for His people in times like these.

Recent anti-Semitic Developments in Europe:

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