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SOS Ukraine: Help “for such a time as this”

Christians for Israel - 28 February 2022

Jewish communities in Ukraine are under enormous pressure as Russian attacks and ground troops are closing in on Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, as well as key cities by the northern and southern borders.

Throughout the past year, Christians for Israel (C4I) has expanded relations and significantly stepped up support for Jewish communities in the port cities along the Back Sea coast, to include Odessa, Nikolayev, Kherson and Mariupol. Over the past weeks, our team used some last-minute opportunities to turn donations into food parcels and medical support there, especially for needy elderly including many holocaust survivors. While hundreds of thousands are fleeing the less affected areas, residents of closed-in cities and the elderly are stuck in their apartments or bomb shelters.

“The situation in Kherson is very tense,” said C4I staff member Alina, who is maintaining phone contact with the Jewish communities. “The Russian forces are located at the southern borders and, in smaller numbers, have advanced into the cities. No one can enter or leave Kherson at the moment. Public transportation does not work; all municipal busses have been set aside for the needs of the Ukrainian army or for emergency assistance, like delivering drinking water to the housing blocks.”

Residents have been told to stay at home, close to the bomb shelters, Alina said. Like most cities now, Kherson seems to be dead, hardly anyone is to be seen on the streets. Still, most of the Jewish community’s social workers are trying to visit the elderly by foot and provide for them. The sirens are going off constantly. Supermarkets are empty – people have to survive on their supplies.

Thanks to your help, now that they can’t go anywhere, they all have some food on which to survive. We can’t thank you enough!

“Your recent donation of both funds and hundreds of food parcels was so timely,” said Alexander from Kherson’s Jewish community. “Pensions are so low already; our elderly didn’t have extra money to stock up supplies. But thanks to your help, now that they can’t go anywhere, they all have some food on which to survive. We can’t thank you enough!”

More funds will be needed as C4I’s Ukraine team starts providing for an increasing stream of refugees on their way to safety in the neighboring countries and eventually Israel.

‘I know victory awaits me because the Lord is fighting for me.’

“I’m on my way taking three Jewish refugee families to a shelter,” said C4I staff member Nataliya. “A pregnant mom, several children, two grandmas. Of course no one could sleep last night – the fourth sleepless night in a row. But in the morning hours, a song came to me: ‘I know victory awaits me because the Lord is fighting for me.’ This song encouraged me so much. Honestly, I think our work is just beginning. 2014/15 was nothing compared with this. We definitely need the reality of God’s promise that those who trust Him will be like eagles not running tired – so that we can fulfill what we have been called to do, and what we have been praying for all those years.”


For this situation Christians for Israel established an emergency fund to help the Jewish community of Ukraine: with food, emergency shelter and evacuation to Israel. Especially in these days, it is important to stand with the Jewish people.

– Food for a week: € 50 / US $ 55

– Temporary emergency shelter for one week: € 100 / US $ 112

– Evacuation of Ukrainian Jews to Israel: € 150 / US $ 168

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